Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Nap Lap

Whenever I do intervals, there's usually one that I seem to fall asleep during. I don't know what happens. I get tired or distracted or something and I look at my watch and think WTF happened there? After that, I'm usually back on track.
Tonight's track work out was 4x1600 with 400 recovery, to be done at half marathon pace. Right now, I have no idea what half marathon pace is for me so I figured I'd go out there and run hard but manageable and see how it goes. I also wanted to try to avoid the nap lap which is usually the 3rd or 4th interval depending on how many I'm suppose to do. Tonight I figured it would be the 3rd. 
1st 7:45, 2nd 7:45
and here we go with the third. First, let me say, while I was aware not wanting to snooze on this one, I wasn't out there like OH MY GOD RUN FASTER. I was trying to keep my effort consistent. 
3rd: 7:40
Well, ok, that was fast than the first 2. Where did that come from? Last one. Same thing, go out, run even maybe shoot for 7:45 again. Yea, I was tired but not going to fall over and die, I wasn't struggling.
4th: 7:40
Very happy with how that went. I dont think I'll be running a half marathon at this pace any time soon though I do have one coming up in a few weeks. I think it's reasonable to shoot for 8:15-8:20s. We'll see.

In other news, Hi Loren. I know you like to be mentioned in my blog.
Oh and I just added that counter on the side.


Lil Jimmi said...

Awwww a shout out to your lover. How gay.

DogPound said...

Hi pot, it's kettle, I have something to tell you...