Wednesday, March 23, 2011

unbreak my heart

Here's the update on Ye Ole Ticker.
It's fine.
I wore my bomb for 24 hours. While it looked like I was having an irregular beat a bit higher than the DRs liked, after a stress test and another EKG, it looks fine. They don't know what causes it and it might come and go. I could go on beta blockers but with my running, she really doesn't want to go that route and neither do I. I'm having blood work done to get out my thyroid though I just had that done in Nov.
So...that's that. After 3 days of not running (which in these weeks leading up to Boston has felt like forever) I'm cleared to hit the road again. WOOHOO just in time for CRAPPY weather.
Oh and hello, who invented that stress test thing? How the hell you suppose to do that without a bra?

Monday, March 21, 2011

I know that it's a heartquake

There will be bonus points for getting the title of this post.
So last week, it was a tough week. I think I packed too much in without enough recovery, something that I honestly rarely do. I tend to err on the side of a lot of recovery.
Because I'm lazy.
Ok, no really, I don't want to get hurt and the older I get the more I see how important recovery is.
For a while now, I've had this weird fluttering in my chest. Initially I thought it might have been some dehydration. Still possible. It comes and goes. After last week, it came and stayed. My resting HR has been a little high so I'm sure that could be some over training. Boston is 4 weeks away and boy am I ready. Hitchcock and I pretty much ran our long run on Sat. threatening each other so we'd get through it. After that run, I decided 2 days off. No running at all. I also decided to go see my Dr cause why not.
I really like my Dr. He's curious about things and tend to go on the side of less is more which I find refreshing.
They hooked me up to an ECG to see what was up with my ticker. It's true, my resting heart rate is higher than it's been on my last few doctor visits. When he asked me to describe what it felt like, I told him it felt like my heart was skipping a beat. He looked at his computer and said, well, that's because it is. He showed me the read out and yup, there it is! WEIRD.
It also feels weird. He went to talk to the cardiologist in his office. She, too, thought it was a little odd but not serious. Mostly odd because they don't know why it's happening.
Now I'm hooked up to a heart rate monitor for the next 24 hours. This thing is RIDICULOUS. Just imagine running with one of these instead of the nice Garmins we all have. As the nurse was hooking it up, she told me to tuck all the wires in my pocket so people wouldn't think I had a bomb. I love post 9/11 thinking.
In short, he doesn't think it's anything serious and prob. can't do anything about it but it's annoying.
I will update after they remove this contraption.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

`cause down the shore everything's all right

I have been tardy in my blogging. So much to report!
Recap of the last 2 weeks of running:
Week before last RayK and I headed out for what most people following Pfitz marathon plans dread: the long run with marathon pace miles. This time it was 15 miles with 12 at MP. I was hoping for 8:20 pace for the MP portion. We ended up averaging 8:10s. And I felt great. Yes, it was a tough workout that one always is but I don't think I killed myself. It felt comfortably hard.
Last weekend, Loren and I headed to FL to surprise her dad for his 70th bday. I got in a 10 miler and a 6 miler. IN SHORTS. That was very very nice. We also hit the FL highpoint at a whopping 345 feet. That brought my total to 30, Loren's to 32.

This week's running called for high milage (for me). I ran my 20 earlier in the week so I could do a tune up race today. 20 miles on River Road. I usually ride river road from my house, it's a nice 26 miles loop. When I run it, it's an out and back. With hills. A lot of hills. Long hills. almost 2300' of hills. Up and down which is good, but it is a TOUGH run. I was cooked for a few days after. Did a recovery run with the dog the day after. Man oh man.
This had me concerned about today's race. Loren, Bea and I ran 5 yesterday and I felt ok. A little dead in the legs.
Yesterday afternoon, I took the train to Asbury Park to meet my long time friends Paul and Frank who have a place out there and were kind enough to put me up and hang out with me. Paul and I went to get my number yesterday and it was windy. I was concerned about that. And the weird course: 4 loops covering boardwalk, road, and um, marble flooring. On the course, we ran though the convention center and a falling apart casino. I would certainly say this was the most interesting course I've run.
Before going to bed last night, I was bellyaching to Loren about my tired legs, the wind, the weird course, what was I thinking? She told me to put the p***y away and run hard. She gives the best pep talks.
I got up this morning, ate, and paul brought me over to the start. It was about 40, a nice temp, but yes there was wind. My hat flew off in the first quarter mile.
Mile 1 7:39 well look at that, perfectly paced
Mile 2 7:42 I had fallen in step with a guy between mile 2 and 3. He asked me my goal and I said sub 1:40. He told me his was sub 1:50. I shot him a look and said well you're way ahead of that!
Mile 3 7:25 wind sorta at my back and on the boardwalk, getting ready to run through the convention hall for the first time. End of lap 1.
Mile 4 7:42
Mile 5 7:40
Ok, I know I saw mile markers 6-8, though not when I RAN miles 6-8. No lie, I think they blew away. Still with my pal, I think his name was Mike. He was pretty sure I was one of the lead woman and I just laughed. I was like, no way. I know at least 10 women are ahead of me.
miles 6-8 23:04
Coming up on loop 3.
Mile 9 7:34. I was running the longer portion of the boardwalk well but then once through the convention center the wind would pick up. UGH
Mile 10 7:41
And here, ladies and gentlemen, is when I lost my sub 1:40. Mile 11 because of the wind tunnel from hell. It had picked up so much I felt like I was being pushed back. I know there's nothing I could have done about it. I was running my ass off, even tucking behind Mike when I could and it just didn't matter.
Mile 11 8:11. That is just so terrible. I was so mad. And then, ya know, I'm trying to do math (I don't recommend this this late in a race. It's just not good for you.) So I knew the sub 1:40 was gone unless I pulled a seriously miracle out of my ass. Unlikely. But I could still PR.
Mile 12 7:45 Last long straightaway on the boards and through the building, the finish was right beyond that.
Mile 13 7:39 Just like I started with! This wasn't pretty, I could feel the drool on my face.
.1 44 seconds
Finish 1:40:53
Mike finished just ahead of me, I went over to him, gave him a big hug and said sub 1:50 my ass. He was thrilled, telling me he coached HS XC and doesn't race much any more. So good for you Mike!!
There is some good news:
1. The race was won by a woman. I love it when that happens. She ran 5:54 pace (1:17:26) and beat the first guy by 30 seconds.
2. I PRed
3. I qualified for next year's NYC marathon. No more 9+1 for me. Take that NYRRs!!!
4. This capped off a 48+ mile week
and the stats:
20/188 women 5/59 age group (40-49) 5/77 master (over 40) 83/416 over all.
I'd say at the end of a tough week, this is an awesome result.
5 weeks until Boston! Who's excited?