Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...but it's over now

Last night, I stayed up til midnight, I usually dont do that. Then I didn't fall asleep until 1. I woke up at 5. Coulnd't get back to sleep til 6:30. Slept til 8. This is not ideal.
I then went out in the very cold and stood with my neighbors in Harlem to watch Obama be sworn in and, even better, Bush be finally done for good. It took me several hours to finally warm up.
I really really thought about skipping my work out. I thought seriously about not running at all. It's tough to get going starting out tired.
The work out tonight was 5x1000 with 400 rest. Magic McMillan says I should be shooting for 4:32-4:41. Pretty generous range. I was happy for that. 
When I got up to the Armory, which is known for it's weird choice of music, there was just that. I then realized they were showing the Inauguration parade on the jumbotron. At the track. Now that's pretty cool.
First one: 4:35 
I thought, ok, if I can stay there, I'll be happy
two: 4:32 wow, even faster!
4:32 here I am being steady
4:32 AGAIN!
Last one. Now I know I've talked about the nap lap. It hasn't happened. I didn't want it to happen on the last one. By now, I'm tired mostly from lack of sleep not killing myself on the track.
Last one: 4:28!!!!!
Well, I certainly didn't fall asleep on that one! I was very very happy with my workout. Really tired and glad it was over when I was done, but happy with the result.


L.A. Runner said...

Great workout, girl!

DogPound said...


Girl In Motion said...

Great job, Doggie! So funny how you can feel like crap and whip out a great speed session or tempo run. You just never know. Sounds like this cycle is already kicking last cycles ass. Congratulations on the improvement!

Mir said...

Wow, that's a great set of Ks. Nice job!!