Monday, January 12, 2009

week 2 take 2

Yesterday I finished up week 2 of official spring marathon training. So far I've learned a few things. 
1. I dont really mind running in the cold. I actually kind of like it. There are less people out and as long as I'm dressed properly, it's not so bad.
2. I still chafe. I didn't realize that body glide would be needed when it's below freezing. I still sweat like Shaq.
3. People over the age of 12 should not play kickball. Even if they're dressed like this.
I wrapped up week 2 with a 13 mile run in philly with philly running pal and internet superstar Girl In Motion. We ran on Forbidden Trail in Philly and it was great. I love running in new places, it just makes the miles fly by since I have no idea where I am. 
Loren, continuing her long run streak, did 10 with us. I was a little stiff in the hips from the aforementioned kick ball, but that didn't keep me from having a good run.
I think I'm ahead of where I was last time around.


Girl In Motion said...

I had a GREAT time with you gals yesterday. Really fun run, beautiful surroundings and you two crack me up constantly. Here's to many more runs together!

DogPound said...

Yes, thank you. Now you have to come up here. Don't worry, we'll throw a fake moustache on you and no one will know you're here.

Girl In Motion said...

Lol, I'll be another John Waters/Steve Buscemi love child.

Black Bear! said...

Okay, I'm jealous you all live so close. Now I HAVE to find out what this is about! I'm cracking up just reading the comments.

DogPound said...

we're talking about THIS
yes, that's me