Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Brrrr year

It's cold. Really cold. 25 with a windchill of 12. I waited until late in the afternoon to run. Loren and I headed out at 3 for a 9 mile run through Central Park. About a mile in, we ran into fellow Front Runner Phil (Hi Phil!). This seems to be a theme for me in the last few weeks.
Even though it is cold out, I felt really good. While the fountains are off, I carry a small fuel belt bottle in my jacket. I think I could do with drinking more however. I averaged 9:08 pace. Not too bad.

So it's here. Marathon training. I've been waffling about training, plans, being ready to get going into this again. Right now, I've got Pfitz to follow. I think, however, I'm going to do a bit of mix and match with Pfitz and Koach Kelsey. It's still all rolling around in my head.

While it is really cold out, I still manage to sweat like mad. So now I have to get these wet clothes off and get in the shower.

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