Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hazy Shade of Winter

There are a few things to get outa the way before I get into today's most excellent run.
1. It's my birthday.
2. I was born in a snow storm in South Bend, IN so I think that makes me a natural for cold weather running.
3. I would like a cupcake if not an entire cake from Cupcake Cafe. While cupcake joints are popping up in NYC quicker than hipsters can say they are no longer cool, they can all suck the cupcake cafe's candle.

Now, on to my birthday run.  Tuesday is usually track night. Koach Kelsey has a great work out on tap, 5x1 mile. First 3 at half marathon pace, last 2 and desired 10k pace. To get you working hard late in the miles. Since I will be taken out and showered with love, affection, and sushi tonight, I am skipping the workout. Instead, I went with Pfitz' work out for the day. 8 miles, 4 tempo. This should be done at about 15k pace. According to McMillan, I should be around 8 minute pace. I remember doing this back in June and wanting to absolutely die. Granted it was hotter than hell and today was a lovely 36 (felt like 28 with the wind) it was hard. I remember it being really hard. Today? Not so hard. It went like this:
3 mile warm up. I know myself well enough to know I need a long warm up.
mile 1 7:53   
mile 2 7:57
mile 3 8:04 (this included Cat Hill so I'm ok with that time)
mile 4 7:59
1 mile cool down back home.
NOT BAD! I'm actually pretty happy with it. While my HR may have been a bit high (around 180) for the tempo part, I'm gonna let that go. I certainly didn't feel like I was working too hard or killing myself. I dont know how much humidity factors in when it's cold, but the humidity was 62%.

In other news, months back, I started loosing a toenail. Yup, that lovely thing runners deal with. Actually, in all my running years, I've only lost one other and it was right after my first marathon in 1999. Little toe. This is my big toe. It came disconnected on the right side of my toe but not the left. It's like a barndoor toenail. So this morning I cut off the part that's not connected. I'm not sure that was a  great idea. Oh well, too late now. The new one is already growing in and it gave me nary a bother when I ran this morning.


Mrs. Duffy said...

Happy birthday!!!!

L.A. Runner said...

You are too funny. HAPPY B-DAY!!!! Enjoy your sushi and eat a spicy shrimp roll for me. (That's my fav.)

Mir said...

Happy Birthday again!!! I hear you on the fact that January babies should be better suited to cold weather. My mother often complains that I dragged her out to the hospital on the coldest, yuckiest day in 1982.