Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ah another balmy day here in NYC. A lovely 7 degrees, with a -1 windchill. I had an easy 4 recovery run so I wasn't out there too long. Uneventful.
I has some slight concern since Loren made a homemade pizza on Thurs. night. There was some rebellious cheese on it. I spent most of yesterday morning loosing my insides. Never fun. Usually, I have an ironclad stomach. I don't know what happened. It did get me 1.5lb close to my goal weight of 120. I would not recommend this method.
I was a bit worried I wouldn't have enough energy to run this morning since eating was not high on my list of things to do yesterday but I managed ok.

One really cool thing about today, my club, Front Runners, had Mary Wittenberg, prez. and CEO
of New York Road Runner pay us a visit. Mary's making the rounds to all the big clubs in NYC to talk to runners about their concerns and get feedback. I think it's an awesome idea. She was direct and honest about why NYRR has made some of the changes they've made and was very open to suggestions and feedback.
After the general talk, a few of us talked to her about getting more people in Harlem running which she is really into. Of all the places I've run in NYC, people in Harlem ask me about it more, kids run along side with me more, people are friendlier. It took some getting use to at first but I think it's pretty cool. It says to me yes there is an interest up here, people just dont always now how to get started. Over all, I was impressed.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to rehydrate and eat after yesterday's battle.
Tomorrow is a nice 14 miler I'll be doing with a whole crew of winter running ladies.

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Girl In Motion said...

This is really cool, spreading the running through Harlem. It'd be like Back On Your Feet, Road Runners style.

Glad you're feeling better, but I know you purposefully poisoned yourself so you could lose those pesky pounds. Cheater.