Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wintertime Love

while it warmed up a hair today, meaning it actually got to the freezing mark, it was not raining, snowing, sleeting, or wintery mixing. Nope, nothing but cold air.
Today was 9 miles, 4 at tempo. It's gotten into my head that I don't like tempo runs. I don't know what I think that. I think they're going to be hard and they're going to hurt and I generally don't look forward to them. I do them and I get going and really, they're not that bad.
I was shooting for 8-8:10 pace. All but the 2nd mile, which included Cat Hill, were 7:56 pace. Cat Hill was 7:59. My heart rate always flirts with the 180s when I'm doing Cat Hill. That's fine. I'm trying not to be such a slave to the HR this time around. The only exception really is recovery runs. I want to run those like I should, slowly.
Another plus of today is my weight. Ok, I know for a lot of non runners (and maybe even some runners) this may sound silly. Due to RWOL (Runner's World On Line) and some shenanigins that go on over there, I made a goal of loosing 5 lbs. I know it doesn't sound like a lot. For a long time, my weight hovered in the 1-teens. When I went to Big Sur, I did what just about everyone I know who goes out there does: I gained weight. I had a hard time getting it off too. goal is to get down to 120. I was a bit over 124 when I started this, closer to 125. I weighted myself this morning and I was 120.4. Granted, I think most scales are a bit off, I am very happy to see my weight be 120. This has almost all come from just eating better. I know I'm in good shape, lack of burning calories certainly isn't an issue. I have made an effort to eat less crap and be more aware of when and what I ate. So far so good! 


Girl In Motion said...

Yay on the primo tempo and yay on the healthy eating! I think that's key about the weight thing, not just eating less, but eating smarter. That way you get two rewards for the price of one.

I'd say you're getting fitter, missy. Maybe you dreaded those tempos before because they were super hard and now, they ain't. This is called progress. :D

DogPound said...

it's also so much easier when it's not a million degrees out. WHile I'm not loving this cold weather, I remember doubling over in the heat during tempos.