Wednesday, January 28, 2009

slip slidin away

I woke up to the sound of snowblowers very early this morning. I'm guessing around 6am. The school across the street in anal in it's snow clearing. I'm glad for this since it's on a hill, a hill I run up all the time. I looked out the window, and sure enough. Snow. A fair amount of it. Luckily, the temps were a bit up from where they had been.
Today was an easy 5. I had planned to run with my uptown during the day running pals. Everyone showed up though I am guessing it would have been hard to get out there if we had not already made a plan. When we left at 10, the snow had turned to rain. Central Park was mostly clear, just slushy. I was so wet when I got home. I'm glad it was only 5.
Yesterday I did 10. I rearranged my plan this week because of the half I ran on Sun. Tomorrow I'm planning on 9, 4 at tempo. I just hope everything doesn't turn into a sheet of ice.

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