Friday, October 30, 2009

Time after time

On Nov. 5th 1989, I was 18 years old and had been living in NYC for about 2 months. Sometime in the afternoon, I left my rodent infested shitbox of an apartment on 91st and Broadway for the Met. I would go there on Sundays with my pal Jen and draw. Sometimes I would ride my bike, sometimes I would walk. This day, I walked. I cut across Central Park having no idea it was marathon weekend. I stood very close to where my team, Front Runners, hands out water at mile 24. I dont remember how long I stood there watching. I do remember thinking it was really really cool and I very clearly remember 1 man who ran by.
He was missing a leg and going at it on crutches. That image has stuck with me over time.
My 18 year old self had no idea that 10 years later my 28 year old self would run NY for the first time. My high school XC coach talked about running NYC and running Boston and I thought he was nuts. By 18, I don't think I had ever run more than 6 miles at once.
Now my 38 year old self looks back over those 10 years since my first NYC and my first marathon. That 28 year old had no idea I'd run NYC 4 times (and counting!) along with 7 other marathons and be planning a trip to Boston in April.
I did hope to run this year but it's just not in the cards which is fine. NY will be here, it will always be my favorite marathon even if it's not my fastest or best.
This year, as I've done every year I haven't run but 1 since running my first NYC, I'll be out at mile 24 along with my team mates cheering and handing out water. So for all of you first time marathoners, first time runners of NYC, those looking to go under 3, those who claim it's their last, seekers of PRs, crazy maniacs, SloHoMos, BQ chasers, marathon weekend is here. All your work is done. Go out and run YOUR race and have a good time doing it.
I'll be watching!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

no parking on the dance floor

After another 4 mile run this week (the run itself was GREAT) followed by a sore foot, I put myself back on the shelf. At least another week of no running and more anti inflammatories. I am thinking of actually not running for 2 weeks. This way, all my running pals are tapering for NYC this weekend and then will be having an easy/off week the following week. Then we can all start up again together. We'll see. John did tell me if there's still pain after this go round, back to the Dr.
Since there's no running right now, I have been on my bike more. With high running milage, I tend to ride around less. Like less city riding. So now, more city riding. I actually really like that and since I ride a fixed gear around town, my pedal stroke gets smooth and it's like adding cycling strength without a whole lot of work.
Today Loren and I hopped on the road bikes and did the 26 mile River Road loop. It was a beautiful day. All the leaves are changing out there and I just felt really really good.
So I'm trying to turn a negative about the running into a cycling positive.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fools and horses running their courses

An update:
1. Canceled NYC. Totally fine with it. Actually glad cause now I can escape taper madness.
2. Running a bit, usually about 4 miles. I take Bea with me when I can cause her limit right now is about 4.5 so I know I wont be temepted to do anything crazy.
3. having PT 2x a week. Seems to be helping.
4. I am having a bit of pain but I think it's getting better. It's still under the 3 scale while running. I am thinking about taking some time totally off again to see if that helps.

Other than that, not much going on.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walk 'til you run

My last run was 12 days ago. This morning when I got up to run, it was 44 degrees and felt like 39. WOOHOOO!!!! I wore tights.
This was a back to running nothing fancy run, 3.35 miles slowly. I could feel my foot a bit as a started but that's no surprise. I hadn't been up very long and it's usually a bit still in the morning before the blood gets flowing.
I can't say anything extraordinary about this run other than I did it and there was no pain during or after.
I had PT at 10:45 where John put me through the usual routine. I also ended my round of anti-inflammatories. Everything seems to be moving along nicely. He told me on a scale of 0-10, 0 being no pain and 10 being holy crap get me to a hospital, I'm good running to about a 3.
So the plan now is to slowly build back up and see what happens.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I want to tell you something you've known all along

Let see....running yet? Nope. Day what? hhmmmm, like 10 or something. I think the last time I took a break so long it was when I was in Africa last year. Dr told me not to run while on the drugs so I'm sticking to that. It's making me a little nuts. The upside, my foot is feeling better.
In the world of working out, Loren and I went for a nice 26 mile ride on Sunday. For those in the know, we did River Road. It was sorta like doing a tempo run. There's a very long hill at the end of River Road. My goal was to stay on Loren's wheel, which I did. My heart rate got up to a lovely 186 (my max is 200) so in running like terms, like a speed workout. Once we got out on the road back to the GWB, we pacelined each taking a minute at the front. It felt really good.
But ya know what, it's not running. On my quest to Boston I stopped my multisport self and turned into a pure runner for a few years. While I am looking forward to going back to triathlons next year, I still have a mostly running itch. I'm guessing that comes from not being able to run.
I'm going to do a short run on Thurs morning before PT. PT Pete is out with his new baby and the rest of his family for the month of Oct. so I've been seeing his counterpart, John twice a week. I feel like it's really coming along.
NY is totally doubtful, I've all but officially canceled which is fine.
This past weekend was the busiest weekend of marathoning I've done without actually running. I headed out to Hartford to watch my online pal Rebecca PR with a 3:06. Another online pal Kris also smoked the course in a jaw dropping 2:42.
Sunday, I lazily laid in bed and followed the Chicago marathon action online (after spending Sat night watching the Ironman worlds online). Congrats to everyone who ran! And a big shout out to Kieran taking home a 2:57 PR and Dave who will be COMING TO BOSTON!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doctor doctor, can't you see I'm burning

Today I went to get my foot check out by a pro. Well, by a Dr. away.
And here's how it went:
She gave me the option of getting a shot in my foot (something Fran has told me hurt more than giving birth) or going on anti-inflammarories. Guess what I picked? I've actually had a shot in my wrist before so I know how much that hurts. Pills I can handle.
So I've got some drugz for a few days, more PT and no running for a few more days. I haven't run since Sat. This is a record for the year! She thinks this should clear it up.
She didn't say OH MY GOD THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN RUN THE MARATHON! She actually thinks it would be fine. I'm still on the fence, we'll see how the next few days go.
As it is, I was planning on not running if I was in Africa so this is pretty close to that.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Everything is Everything

Ok, so a few things:
I should not even be posting this. I should be in Africa, jetlagged out of my mind, trying to figure out where I am and what day it is.
I'm not. There was a problem with the bikes and customs so the trip got put off, for Loren and I, possible canceled.
So here I am.
Another thing, today is the anniversary of this. Warning, if you click that, you will read about poop and people who poop themselves while running and continue to run.
I am not that person.
So yes, since I am here and since Grete's is always a friggin points race and since I never run it well, I ran it. (note to Flo, I did not RACE it).
It was an awful 65 degrees with 95% humidity. I had no intentions of racing it, I was treating it like my long run. I did 1.5 miles before hand to warm up.
Long run it is! I felt fine til, oh mile 3. Seriously, I phoned in the entire run finishing in 1:56:21. 8:52 pace, which is just dandy for a long run. But boy did it SUCK. And poopy pants (sans poop this year) passed me at mile 11.5.
Ok, ok, I should let it go. The woman is 76 years old and I can only hope and dream I am running like at in 40 years.
Oh my god, she's a lot older than I am!
Now for my dark cloud that I alluded when last I graced you with my wit:
I am seriously thinking of not running NYC.
I will now pause for dramatic purposes.
Everyone digest that?
My foot hurts. It hurts after I run. It's been hurting WHEN I run. I haven't run a week with more than 40 miles since July. While I'm getting quality workouts in and have had some good solid races (a great PR in Philly a few weeks ago) I'm not running the way I want to be running. I dont want to limp to the starting line just to finish this time. If I run, I want to run well. I want to be able to run with RayK so she can come to Boston. I dont wanna be out there in pain waiting to see my peeps at mile 24 and hoping I get to Tavern on the Green.
This is not an easy decision for me to make, though for anyone who is capable of making a sensible decision it should be (um, that would NOT be me. Remember when I ran it 3 weeks after Steamtown last year? Yea, hi.) So no doubt I will wrestle with this a while longer but that's what I'm thinking.
I want to start training for Boston healthy which means maybe really cutting back for the next month or so.
In the mean time, I'll be over here mourning my NYC marathon.
Please send cake.

In GOOD NEWS, a few shout outs:
1. Janice-way to finally get under 2 hours and PR today.
2. Anthony, same to you, great PR
3. Hikergirl 3:28:49 in St George...REALLY? Please pull me along in Beantown in April. Girl, you KILLED IT.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time keeps on ticking...

From the weekly FrontRunnerGram that goes out every Thurs. morning to FRNY:
In a historical note, 10 years ago was the last year that the Tune-up was a 30K race (18.6 miles). There were 17 Front Runner finishers. Among those, only Audra is a 2009 finisher. Twenty years ago (Remember 1989?), again 17 Front Runners finished the 30K Tune-up, including only Ms. Donna Checkan from among the 2009 finishers.
Wow. I was getting ready for my first marathon then. I ran that 30k at a 9:51 pace. I remember being lapped by a pack of fast men.
As I get set for my 10th anniversary of my first NYC marathon, and my first marathon, there is much on my mind about what will be my 5th NYC marathon, my 12th marathon in total. I'm not ready to say much more than that.