Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was a run of the mill 10 miler. Though it was 2o degrees and felt like 8. Yesterday I did a 4 mile recovery run while it was 17 and felt like -1. I'm plenty warm out there, even had icicles in my hair from sweating today.
But ya know what, I think I have to work harder when it's this cold. Or maybe I was having a slow day. I dunno. I wasn't pushing it though I was by no means going fast. Now I'm just pretty tired.


Progman2000 said...

I've noticed my HR has been up a few ticks during my runs the last couple of days - I was kind of wondering if the cold weather makes for a harder effort also.

DogPound said...

It would make sense, since you're trying to stay warm!

Mir said...

Definitely agree that extremely cold weather (whatever that is in relation to what your body is used to) slows your pace. My run last night was in temps at least 15-20 degrees colder than I am used to, and I was slower than what my effort level was telling me.

Icicles in the hair, very impressive!