Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fire and Ice

Ok, today was...oh man, there are no words. Insane? Crazy? Stupid? Frozen? I do not think I have ever raced in such cold. When I lined up at the start, the clock over Central Park said 14 degrees. The windchill made it feel like 5.
People, that is not right. On so many levels. 
Today was the Manhattan Half marathon, the first in the series of 5 halfs in NYC. One in each borough. I've run all of them though never in the same year. NYRR capped this race at 5000 people and it filled. I though, ok,this weather is stupid maybe 3000 will show up. Well, NYers have a reputation for a reason. Even with this weather, 4506 people came out to run.
I got up a little after 6 this morning. Ate and met up with Rachel, a new woman in my club who lives 2 blocks away. So convenient. We split a cab to the start. I did a 1.5 mile warm up and to get a bit closer to my 15 miles for the day. I ended up running 14.5 today which puts me more miles than degrees. I think I've done that maybe once before a few years ago when I ran when it was 3 out.
Anyway, because my body has a sense of humor (those who have been reading along at home for a while know this) I have my period. This is very common for me when I have a race that I'm actually TRYING to race. Today, I was TRYING to race. Even in these crappy conditions.
Somehow, I sweat like mad even when it's below freezing. Mile one, off with the gloves, some where in mile 3, off with the hat. Even though I couldn't feel my face, I could tell sweat was freezing in my hair. By the time I was done, I have an icicle hanging from my head where once was a ponytail.
I thought the course was going to be the same course they used at Grete's. I was wrong. It went counterclockwise and ended on the east side in the transverse. I've run countless races in CP, and several halfs. I've never run this course. I didn't like it.
I started off with an ok mile 8:31, figured I'd ease into it. Mile 2 was the same with Cat hill. After that, I was hoping to pick it up. I would from time to time but never felt like my motor would really go. I think it was a combination of things. 
I finished in a time of 1:50:51, a PR by about 90 seconds. My goal was to run closer to 1:48. I know that is well within what I'm capable of but we have to run with what we've got on race day. I do think I'm on track for a good spring marathon and I'm happy about that.
A few other notes, Rachel ran a 1:42! 11 minute PR!!!! And I met internet superstar, Squirrel at the start. 
Race 2 of the series is n 2 weeks in Da Bronx. We'll see what I have on that day.


Girl In Motion said...

You get huge points for getting out of bed and lining up. It sounds horrendously cold. I know you've got a faster Half in you, so may the Bronx be the race to avenge this one. I'm thinking it's gotta get back to 40 degrees one of these days...

Mir said...

Awesome race! PRing in those conditions is seriously great, and you're on track for another PR in two weeks, looks like. I remember racing in 10 degrees once (similar windchill) and I had literally the worst race of my life. It was just too cold. Great job!!

Progman2000 said...

I had 13 on the schedule yesterday which I ran at home (NJ). Then I ended up having lunch at Toloache on West 50th Street. If I had a brain and planned better I could have ran this race - I am dying to run a race in CP!