Saturday, January 3, 2009

round and round

So, did I mention I actually signed up for the NJ marathon? Because I did. This means training has started. 
Today was my pfitz prescribed 12 miler. I headed out around 10 this morning, it was 31 degrees. Warmer than it's been for my last few runs! I think something fell on Loren's head recently. She came with me. For those who dont know, 12 is far for my greyhound of a girlfriend though lovely to have the company. I am actually enjoying running in this winterish weather, as long as I dress right. The other day's 25 degree day left me over dressed and chaffed. I think it beats the 90 degrees with 90% humidity I dealt with in August. We'll see if I'm singing this tune in March.
While going up Cat Hill, I saw a few folks with cameras and huge lenses. I looked up to see possibly the biggest hawk I've ever seen (except the Eagle Hawk I saw in South Africa). He was just perched on top of a tree. When we came around again a few miles later, he was still there. Loyal readers may have noticed I mention the hawks a lot. I love them, I love seeing them, I love that they are all over Central Park. It's much easier to spot them when the trees are bare. They are so strong and beautiful and yet very fragile. 


Girl In Motion said...

Sounds like a wonderful run. Very cool about the huge hawk sighting, wildlife spotting is just another reason to love running, we're so lucky to get to do that.

DogPound said...

I know, and in big cities to boot.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Cold weather running definitely beats wilting in the heat any day. There's got to be something about running and birding/watching wildlife....I never used to pay much attention to birds before starting to run and see all kinds of birds now I never noticed.