Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it's the end of the year as we know it.

I set a goal this year of running 1000 miles. I missed last year by not much. Now I know by hardcore running standards, this is not really all that much. Take into consideration I am usually training for triathlons as well as running, I thought it was a good goal. Tonight was what I believe will be my last run of the year. So I will be ending 2008 with 1270 miles in the bank. Not too bad, 270 above what I was shooting for. In 2009, I'd like to hit 1500. That should be doable.

So it's Tuesday, which means Tuesday night at the track. I really have decided it's better for me to go early. Yes, I miss out on the team workouts but if I do that, we don't start til 8pm, I don't get home til almost 10 and I am wired. So my routine now is to run up there  (2.5 miles, great warm up) and do the work outs. I'm done by 8pm.
Tonight was 8x 400 with 2 minutes active recovery then 4x200.
1:44, 1:40, 1:40, 1:44, 1:40, 1:42, 1:40, 1:39
pretty consistent.
44, 44, 43, 42

In other news, I got word today my HS XC coach died suddenly over the weekend. Bob Kiessling was his name and he coached for years all over South Jersey. He was my first real running coach. I remember him talking about running marathons my freshman year. I thought no way could I ever do that. Now I've done 10. Those of us who ran as kids all remember our coaches and the impact they've had on us. Mr. K is no exception to this. He will be missed by many.


Girl In Motion said...

Congrats on getting the track workout in (though I think those were 8x400s? otherwise, you're heading for the Olympics). :D Olympics or no, you're in great shape, doll.

I'm so sorry to hear about your coach, he'd be incredibly proud of you with all the miles and miles you've run, not to mention Ironmans (Ironmen?).

Yay Carol, here's rooting for you to turn into a running zombie like the rest of us. Enjoy C25K, it's a great, great way to learn - worked for me!

L.A. Runner said...

Happy New Girl, DP! I hope this year brings you more happiness than you can imagine!

DogPound said...

Duh, Flo you're right! Changed!

Thanks LA! Back at ya!

Adrianne said...

Hi there,

My name is Adrianne del Sol, and I was a runner at Bishop Eustace (class of '97) under Kiessling. I came across your blog while googling his name. I am helping to coordinate a Memorial Service/Run, as well setting up a scholarship to benefit a young female runner @ Eustace. I'm guessing that you probably ran for Kiess at Eustace (not Paul VI). If such is the case, we are trying to connect with women from all the classes, but are having a harder time reaching individuals who graduated in the 80's. If you are interested in or able to help in any way, could you email me at acdelsol@alumni.princeton.edu.


DogPound said...

Hey Adrianne, I emailed you.
( I ran at Eustace in the 80s!)