Sunday, September 21, 2008

To run away from you is all that I can do

Ok, so PT Pete say I could try and go between 8-10 today if the 2 on Friday felt ok. It did, so I did 10. Loren suggested I start on the track to have a soft surface. I did 2 miles on the track then went and ran to the little red light house. I finished on the track for almost the last 3 miles. While that is a total snore, it was a good idea for this first real test. 
Like the other day, there wasn't pain, just some stiffness and maybe what I would say was a bit of soreness. I started with my brace on, but took it off before I even ran a half mile. It didn't feel any different with out it. I did some pick ups and that felt fine too. I did notice I wasn't getting total follow through on the injured foot. Not sure if that was stiffness or apprehension. Maybe a bit of both.
So this next week I should be able to resume with my schedule. I see Pete tomorrow and he's hoping it'll be the last time.

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