Wednesday, September 3, 2008

lather, rinse, repeat

Today: 9 miles with 5x1000.
It's warm again, maybe not as humid as yesterday and certainly not as nasty as it was earlier in the summer, but warm. Got spoiled by those cool days.
I was out the door by 8 am, even though earlier would have been nicer. Ran up towards the GWB, did 4 miles to warm up before the 1000s.
I live Riverbank track in the morning. It's not crowded, it's mostly older people from the hood out there walking. There is one guy I keep seeing when I do my intervals, he's doing them too. I've seen him in the park too. I think we might be on the same plan.
Things went well. I didn't go all out crazy and stayed in control. My HR maxed out at 186 and I dont think it was every there for long, or even close. Every time I looked down it was more about 181. For my intervals, I averaged about 7:14 pace. I'm happy with that. I didnt' kill myself and a few weeks ago when I did 5x600, that was my pace. So looking good hollywood. I think I may be recovered from the XC debacle on Sat. I ran home at an easy pace and now I'm wondering what I want to eat. I know I need to eat after my runs, it's just not always easy.


flobaby said...

Great job on those intervals!! You're really consistent with those and they're such an important component of the plan and the final swing towards the goal race, you should be super happy with today. Yay, doggie girl!!!

And that stupid race was a debacle, not for your performance, but for them starting at 11:30 on a hot summer day. Crazy. Forgetaboudit! Keep your eye on the prize, Steamtown, baby!!

DogPound said...

Yea, all the cross country races start late because
1. they're in the Bronx and
2. It's world famous course so they'll have several meets a day, we get in after all the fast kids.