Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Repeat after me

So today's work out: 8 miles with 5x600. I always misjudge this. My total run ended up being 7.5.
Oh well, close enough.
When I was looking though my plan, I thought, what the hell is Pfitz thinking? We just did a marathon pace run and now 2 days later intervals?
Well ok.
I ran along the river and it was really windy. And very humid. At least there were clouds so I wasn't getting totally killed.
Wind on Riverbank track is fun...from turn 2 through the straightaway it's like a wind tunnel. Total headwind.
I was actually a bit nervous when I got to the track. I wasn't feeling stellar this morning and had some lingering doubts after my bonk.
I got to it.
First one: 7:07 pace. Felt good, felt easy. I Kept telling myself to not go out hard, to stay in control. 2nd one: 7:07 perfect. Funny thing is, I dont check when I'm running. I may look down at my Garmin to see where I am, but I dont check my splits til I'm done the whole workout.
3rd one: 7:04 COOKING. Maybe a bit too fast. I actually think this is he one where some guy out there downing basketball drills wanted to race me. I hate that. I'm doing my workout, do yours. The only time I'm ok with it is when it's a kid. Then I think it's funny. I had this little girl, about 8, try to stay with me for a lap a few weeks ago. I thought it was great. Even if I'm doing my workout, I'll take time to be encouraging and try to get them to stay with me even if I have to slow down. Last summer I had some JR high kid try and stay with me. At about 300m I looked at him and said you wanna stay with me that's fine, but you gotta work. And he just nodded. Maybe lasted about 200 more meters. I think they see this little white chick runnin around the track and think I CAN TAKE HER!
I digress.
Number 4: 7:28
What the hell happened? I fell asleep apparently. And it seems every set has one like this. I go out too slowly and try to make it up. I stop paying attention. Maybe in this case, I start to get tired. My legs are heavy. Maybe now I'm understanding why this work out is 2 days after a MP run, so you do it tired and run through it.
5: 7:12 That's better.
Tired, heavy legged. Pretty good workout. There were slight raindrops as I left the track.
It started downright pouring about 15 minutes after I got home.

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dreamrunner007 said...

Haha, I love the part about the two kids trying to keep up with you. It's sort of like,"Oh, you want to run with me? Well, you better pick up the pace kiddo, 'cause I'm not slowin' down."