Saturday, September 27, 2008

Da Bronx in da house!

Today was the Front Runner Cross Country meet. Now I love cross country. I have done about 4 XC races this year and run none of them well.
Well folks, this was no exception. While it wasn't very warm, in the 60s, it was so humid I felt like I was under water. Believe it or not, a gay event actually started on time much to my dismay. I got there, had to sign up and had no time to warm up. For something as short as a 5k, I usually like to run 1-2 miles. I ran to the start and that was it. I knew I wasn't going to run as aggressively as I usually do, esp on the down hills. I didn't want to take any chances with this ankle. I did go out a little fast. I ran the flats really well, on both ends. The hills, eh. Up, not so much, down, not like I usually do. I came in in 25:55, and 8:21 pace. Was hoping for faster but like everyone says, a 5k is not a good indicator when training for a marathon. And really, a tune up race 2 weeks out? What's that really going to tell you? If you're not in shape nothing can be done about it now. I'm not worried. I just wanted to blow the jets out a bit which I did.
I also managed 5th woman and Claudia and I were first female team.
FRNY also raised $600 for the Bronx Community Pride Center.
My ankle was a little stiff after, have some ice on it now.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Central park for the 18 miles tune up and what will be my last long run. Already? I know!
I'm planning on doing that at long run pace, run the hills hard and maybe have a few MP miles towards the end. Man, I hope it's not as humid as it is now. Where's this huge storm everyone keeps talkin bout?

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