Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gonna be a long night, it's gonna be all right on the night shift

With my freelance schedule, I dont run in the evening as much as I use to. I've really gotten use to running in the morning or in the afternoon and not waiting til 7pm to run with my club, Front Runners. Tonight was an exception. I do like to go and see my running friends and take care of club business.
The downside? It's 10pm, I just got home and I haven't had dinner yet. Ok, so this is a bit unusual. I just stood on my corner for 20 minutes chatting.
Tonight was an easy 5 recovery run, though I realized the first real run I've done on the road. Felt pretty good, my ankle is a little stiff which I guess is to be expected.
It was also nice to see all my team mate's concern since so many of them were at Reach the Beach and knew what happened.
SO now I taper. I hope this gives me enough time to really heal.

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