Saturday, September 6, 2008

recovery with number

Today I ran the Fitness 4 miler.
As a recovery run. 
I think it's easy to go out and run a race hard than pin on a number, try and keep my heart rate low, and run in a place I'm just not use to. Leave the ego at home, that was my lesson for today.
Funny thing is, when I got back into racing 10 years ago, that's where I was, back with the 10 mile pace. And those folks back there are working just as hard.

The weather was suppose to be shitty, and it was, though not in rain end of the world way everyone thought it would be. Just in the humid soupy way which is even worse.
In that regard, I am glad I didn't race.
I have a 17 mile run tomorrow with 14 at marathon pace. That's my key work out for the weekend so I can just get over myself for today.


flobaby said...

That MUST have been difficult!! But how cool to realize your holding back pace was your race pace at one time. I'll be with you tomorrow on that 17 w/14...eek!! :)

Eat well tonight and get good sleep, we've gotta be bright-eyed and bushytailed tomorrow!

DogPound said...

yea, I was like I'M DOING A RECOVERY RUN!!!
and someone said, eh, just say you did 16 before.
I sure hope it's not as nasty tomorrow.

flobaby said...

Hah! Too funny (re: RECOVERY RUN)! Tomorrow will be nasty one way or another. "Grin and bear it" will be my motto for the day, though Monday sure looks better! But then, if we switched that's another schedule all out of whack and what if it's sucky weather during Steamtown? Crossing fingers our training will come through!

DogPound said...

yea, I thought about monday but with reach the beach next week, that's enough.

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