Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh the road again

First of all, is  Hagan Daz bar good recovery food?
I say yes, yes it is.

Now moving on. I've pretty much been given the green light to resume training. I saw PT Pete yesterday and he really worked out my ankle. I was have a slight sensation of discomfort on the inside of the ankle I twisted. He said it was a tight calf and that my arch collapsed a bit from the twist. He suggested some OTC cheap arch supports to put in my running shoes. I did that this morning. They feel fine, just might take a bit of getting use to.

So on to the run. This morning was 8 miles with 5x600 repeats. I wasn't sure how these repeats were gonna feel. Loren told me to go out there and just let em fly. My 4.25 warm up felt crappy. Usually a good sign for intervals. No, really. My ankle was stiff. It usually is first thing in the morning then it looses up.
I got to the track and my intervals were GREAT.
The paces for each one:
7:10, 6:59, 7:00, 7:09, 7:05
These have been the fastest intervals I've run this cycle. I know the few days off really helped. The weather didn't hurt either. And no pain.

While I was out there, there was a group gathering. There was a table with trophies on the field. THis woman was putting up these TRACK CLOSED signs and telling everyone the track was closing. 
I kept going. I saw another guy doing a similar workout (much much faster than me!) doing the same thing. We'd do an interval, eye the parks woman, start another one. I really wanted to get these done on the track. I could tell he did too. 
Music was playing, Whitney Houston, The Pointer Sisters...and all the "special population adults" as the Park calls them were gathering and starting to dance on the track.
I finished my last interval just as the crowd was really starting to grow.
At first I was annoyed that the whole track was being closed for this small group of folks. I stood around and watched before my cool down run home. It was very cute to see them dancing on the track and wearin team shirts that said CHAMPION on them.
Sometimes it's far too easy to get lost in my own goals.


Flo said...

What a cool run!! Not only did you zip yourself to the fastest intervals ever, and on a tender ankle, I love the tale of the gathering at the end! So nice that you had a partner in "let me finish my workout" crime, too.

What's the deal with the arch, does it go back up soon or is it down for a long time? I didn't know you could collapse an arch by spraining your ankle (I've learned so much from your injury, lol).

DogPound said...

it should go back, it just got weak. I have a whole battery o PT things I do every night to keep my hips strong anf flexible. With the injury, I haven't been able to work on strength as much so my arch collapsed.
Crazy huh?