Friday, August 1, 2008


I swapped my running around this week so I dont have to do 20 miles the day after a party and the day before I go on vacation. So I did it today. It has been really hot and humid lately.
I woke up just before 6 and was out the door at 6:20. I couldn't really get myself to eat a whole lot, piece of toast, a mojo bar, and a glass of Clif stuff.
I headed out, not really sure where I wanted to go. I knew I didn't want to do the whole thing in Central park and it would be too hot once the sun really got going to go down the West Side. I headed north along the Hudson towards the little red lighthouse. Then I decided to run over the George Washington bridge. It is such an amazing thing to have. I'm willing to bet I've been over that bridge more on foot or bike than in a car. Even with rush hour traffic heating up, there's something about being up there, the air, the view, that high above the water. It's really cool.  I hit the Jersey side and headed back. I figured by the time I got to CP, I'd have at least 11 miles done. 
It was really heating up. I didn't notice that it was actually hot, I was just soaked with sweat. I had taken a salt pill before leaving the house so that spared me the chalk face I can get in weather like this. Around 7.5 miles, I took my first shot. I think I took my 2nd one somewhere around 13 miles. I had sucked down most of my 2 fuel belt bottles worth of electrolyte drink. I think I should have drank more sooner. For my last 7 miles, I had a bag of luna moons. That is the dumbest name for something ever. It's like a prize you'd find in a box of tampons or something. But they're really good. 
My last few miles were a bit of a struggle. I was really to be done. Since it's hilly up here in the hood, sometimes I reward myself by having one of my last miles be down hill. The other side of that is I then make myself run up hill for a half mile in the last mile.  Today, being it was my first 20 miler of this training cycle, I decided to give myself the down hill and forgo the uphill. That was nice of me. 
I was really glad when I was done. While my over all pace will not be winning any awards, this was a good solid run. Last week I had a 50 mile week, this week it's 54. Coming from more of a triathlon background and running less, this is a lot for me. I think I'm adjusting well. I'm tired. I know I'm suppose to be. My big runs I was worried about this week are in the book.
Oh and since July is now over, I'd like to report I ran 177 miles for that month.


flobaby said...

Yay on the 20!! And quadruple yay on the tampon prize line, that's an award winner. I actually have a pack of them but haven't used them yet, I'm on chewing-while-running protest, though I know I'll break down and eat them eventually, they cost to much not to. Keep up the miles, girl, you're doing beautifully! Here's to PDR and Steamtown!! Yippeeeeee!!!

DogPound said...

I agree, I've had trouble with the run and eat thing, though it's gotten better. These are good to suck on.