Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok, today's run: 12 miles with 7 at tempo. Tempo seems to be...subjective.
Anyway. I chose to do this with 5 upfront instead of say 3 warm up and 2 cool down and then the 7 tempo. So when I started, I already had 5 miles on me.
Now, going into this, I did do a similar run on Sat. 5 miles, 5 mile race which I didn't do all out, I did it at 8:15 pace, then about 2 miles after. I did have some concern about this, though Loren though I would have enough time to recover and I shouldn't really alter this workout as it's sorta the meat of the week. I think I was 99% recovered. Another thing in play...I got my period yesterday. Like open the floodgates. Days like this can be very very draining. 
After I did my 5, I met the Front Runners gang. While standing there talking to a love and pregnant team mate, I felt something....
I was bleeding profusely. What can I say, this is my body's reaction to reproduction.
Oh well. I was already 5 miles in and pretty gross. What' s a little more gross?
Since I did this in Central Park, there's pretty much no flat. Just another challenge to myself.
My stated intention was to run this between 8:17-8:25 pace. Of course my internal intention was to run in faster...keeping up the the RWOL online girls (you know who you are....) which is just dumb. And I know it. I think I came out around 8:21s, 8:55 for the whole 12 and my HR average was 163 which is pretty good. 
So the effort was right even if it was a tad slow.
But come on people, I swear I've lost a quart of blood in the last 24 hours.
This is also my highest milage week which I was very worried about but seems to be going fine.


flobaby said...

Gee, first leg stroke and now gushing blood loss, you're hopeless!

Great job on the run, I don't know why you'd start with 5 unless you had a death wish, but even so, you cracked that tempo really well. I always try to keep mine on as flat a ground as possible, so you get super extra points for the hills. Huge congratulations on hitting your goal right in the sweet spot!

And now, for a well deserved rest day!!

DogPound said...

I'll get this nasty stuff all out of the way now.
Part of the reason for starting with the 5 was the late start time. If I had done it on my own, I may have broken it up.
And as for the hills...there is almost no avoiding them here!

I'm looking forward to the rest day for sure.

sasa said...