Sunday, August 3, 2008

my weekend runs

2 for 1 this time around.
Yesterday I had an easy recovery run of 5 miles. I ran with a friend of mine who's been hurt for almost a year. She's rehabing and this have her first run outside.
We were in Central park and did a few loops of the rez. It felt  really good after the 20 on Friday. I'm starting to get the hang of this recovery run thing.

Today,  I was in Philly. I went down for a birthday party last night. I stayed up a bit later than I should have. Luckily, the weather was so much nicer than it's been. Not nearly as hot, not nearly as humid. Running in Philly also means FLAT. That's a nice change. I had 12 to do this morning. Loren came with me for the first 4, stretched and hung out the 2nd 4 mile while I ran the along Boat house row and admired the young fit bodies of the rowers. I love running there. I always have. I dont know what it is about that place, it's just really nice. Of course now it does have that bittersweet memory of my drop out of the Philly Marathon. I pass that spot whenever I run there, it's unavoidable. The upside is I still hear the words of support of the people who were with me that day, and of course of my friend and coach Kelsey who was running with me when I decided to call it a day. After I turned around and headed back and passed the spot AGAIN it occurred to me:
I am totally committed.
This year, I am. As I said a few weeks ago in my non running blog: I am not fucking around people.
So at mile 8, I picked loren up again and we ran the last 4 mile back.
It was big days for both of us: I had run 37 miles over 3 days, she ran 2 days in a row (she's been coming off some injuries herself).
And now tomorrow, off to Maine!

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flobaby said...

But of course you love running in Philly, that's where all the cool kids live! :) Like you, I'm all boohoo because we didn't get to meet up, so get over that silly hiking trip of yours and come back for a run with me.

Just messin' wid ya...Happy hiking, woman!! See you online when you get back.