Saturday, August 16, 2008

Team Championships

Here are my ladies. I'm the one of the end with the big tattoo and smirk.
I switched things up this morning due to the 5 mile Club Team Championships, where all the clubs in NYC race against each other.
We had a record 22 women run this morning!
As for moi, I was planned on doing 14 miles tomorrow. I decided to make most of it today and throw the race in there as well, even though this is a recovery week. I ran 5.5 before, ran the race and ran 2.25 after. So just shy of 13.
I think that's fine with my 55 mile week coming up and a 12 mile run with the last 7 at tempo on Wed. Tomorrow I do 8 with 8x100. 
Obviously I am not training to run a 5 mile race and my milage has been high. I decided to go out there and see what happened.
What nice thing this morning was the weather. Even though it was humid, it was not hot. Very rare for August and this race has a history of being run on a day that feels like it's right out of hell.  Another nice thing is the men and women run at different times.  I went out early and cheered my boys and they returned the favor for the girls. This is a really cool race, just to see all the teams and all the support everyone has for each other.
I ran 41:15, 8:15 pace. Not too bad. Not great, but ok.

Now, I am really tired. I've been staying up way too late watching the Olympics. Tonight a buncha girls are coming over to watch the women's marathon. I'm pretty excited about that.


Elizabeth said...

Nice job on the race, considering it was sandwiched in between all those miles. I, too, am curious about what this 55-mile week will bring next week!

DogPound said...

I think the 55 mile week will bring a large desire to eat and sleep.