Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leg Stroke

ok, I'm back from maine. While gone, I did a 6 mile run and a 7.3 mile run. I did not do my 14 mile run. I figured the 9.5 mile hike that took 8 hours was enough.
Ok, so not all of it looked like this picture. That's Loren on the Knife's edge. It's pretty much a boulder field with swatches of blue paint so you know where to go and not plummet down 1000' to your death. And there's me doing the butt scoot down the cliff.
Anyway, all my runs felt pretty good in Maine. I came home and ran an easy 6 with striders yesterday with a friend who is rehabbing and her dog.
But now...I want to talk about what we here at Dog Pound labs have been calling the Leg Stroke. It first happened Thurs. night. I woke up with the terrible pain in my inner thigh and down my knee. Like I wanna throw up pain. And it's hit me 4 or 5 times since. Like I can't walk pain. THough running has been fine. I have been icing, stretching, foam rolling, adviling.  I am pretty sure it's from the combo of the hike and being in the car so friggin much. Today I have a 15 mile run with 12 at MP scheduled. I should be out the door already but I did not sleep well. We'll see how this goes. Like I said, no pain running. Tomorrow I'm calling my PT guys. This has me a little bummed out.


Anonymous said...

Aie about your leg! But yay for the hike - the photos are fabulous.

I find that hiking really helps my running, so my guess is you're right about it being the long car rides on each side - sitting is about the worst for your muscles, I think!

DogPound said...

sitting is terrible. My girlfriend had a trainer in college who use to say"
running=extreme activity
sitting=extreme activity.
so true.

flobaby said...

Aw, pooh on leg pain! I agree with you guys that sitting in a car is a major muscle messer-with. May this be a wink of an injury and only a memory by tomorrow.

That's some A-mazing hiking you got in there, girl! An 8-hour hike kicks a 14-miler's ass, so you came out way more than even.