Friday, August 29, 2008

I went forth...with an age please...On the edge of...seventeen

I told myself after my crappy run the other day that since I was moving my long run this week to Friday instead of sunday that I could cut it down. I thought maybe I'll just do 12. 15 at the most. Then I decided I want to not do it in Central park, or over the bridge, or anywhere hilly. I've been making myself do  lot of hilly runs. So today, I went flat down the west side highway. Flat flat and flat. Nice thing about running there is I can just turn around. I decided I would see how I felt. Loren advised I give myself time to get into it. So I did.
I ran the whole 17.
I felt really good. I went out with a couple of pretty slow miles. It helped that it was barely 70 degress and partly cloudy. The ever present humidity was there however. Man, I sweat like a pig. It doesn't take long time my whole head is soaked, a downfall of letting my hair grow out. I'm rethinking the monk look. My bra feel like I just went swimming and then comes the chaffing that I just can not seem to combat this summer.
I ran down to Sty High, turned around, and stopped at Christopher st for a shot.
I'm glad a I did the whole thing. My legs feel better than they did the other day. Now I should have a nice couple of easy short days.

In other news, last night I went up to the track and helped time my team's speed workout. I have been running 90% of my runs alone, something i haven't done since my Big Sur days. I've even stopped running with music. Still, it's nice to go and see my team mates and help out.
 Kelsey, who coaches us and who was with me when I made the decision to DNF at Philly last year, asked me how all my training was going. He said i he could, he's like to come to steamtown with me. I thought about it for a minute. I said I think I need to go out there and just run this. And he said, ok, but if you want me to go with you even just to be there I will. I want to be there when you do this.  I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by so many talented and generous people.


flobaby said...

First off, congrats on todays run, that is just beautiful! Great idea to take it to the flat, too. Why make a hard thing harder when you have enough occasions to do that? Great job.

Second of all, that is so wonderful to have that type of support group around you. Looking so forward to meeting you because if they all like you so much, you must be cool. :-)

Third of all, thank you for not using Janice Ian as the title, that would just be too much cheese in one week.

DogPound said...

Even I'm not gay enough for Janice Ian.
Steevie 4 evah

flobaby said...

"Even I'm not gay enough for Janice Ian." LOL!!