Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Please come to Boston for the Spring time

Every time I hear this cheesy song it get stuck in my head. I heard it Sunday after my 20 miler and I said to Loren is going to be in my head all week.
Yup, it's in my head. 
Maybe it should be my BQ training song.

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This morning I had 8 miles with 5x600.
It's very cool for August, it was 65 degrees this morning.
While doing my 4 mile warm up, I didn't feel recovered from my 20 and thought today should be a recovery day. Then I got to the track and started my 600s. 
I felt good. I know part of it is the weather.
My times were much faster than last time. I averaged 7:18 pace 2 weeks ago. Today I averaged about 7:08. PROGRESS!!!
It's a huge monkey off my back to have that 55 miler out of the way. It seems all down hill from here even though I know I still have a lot of work to do.
Ok, I have to hit the ice bath and get to work.


flobaby said...

LOL, I forgot about that cheesefest of a tune! Too funny!! But yes, how appropriate.

Congrats girl, that is some serious pacing you did today! Super progress and a just the chill pill you needed. Wish I could be so relieved now that the peak week is over, but I don't look at weekly mileage as my hurdle, more like the longer V02 workouts and PDR and eeeek...the approaching marathon! Sigh.

DogPound said...

one thing at a time!
Dont get overwhelmed by what's to come.

flobaby said...

Yeah, I know. Must repeat my calming mantra (said in hypnotizing tone): blue, green, blue green...