Sunday, August 10, 2008

15, 12 at MP

With all the leg stroke craziness, I was really worried about this run. 15 miles, 12 of them done at marathon pace. I didn't do it this morning because I really just did not sleep well. My leg was nagging me all day. I waited til this evening and did a good part of it with Loren and my friend Hilary. That was also nice since I've been running so much on my own.
THe first 3 were a nice warm up, then off I went. My marathon pace for 3:45 is 8:35. Over 12 miles, I averaged 8:31, so ahead of pace.
I've been worried about this run for a few reasons. It comes at the end of 3 pretty intense weeks, most of my running is not anywhere near this pace, except for the few tempo runs here and there, and of course, LEG STROKE. By the way, Loren loves that everyone is now calling it leg stroke. When it's not so late, I'll go into the story behind that, beside it just feeling like my leg is stroking out. It was not as hard as I thought it would be, while running with my pals, I was mostly able to hold a conversation. The last 2 miles I had had about enough.
When I got home, I went into a routine that rivaled the profile they had on Dara Torres'. I foam rolled. I stretched, I took an ice bath, I used my friend Hilary's e-stim machine with more ice. Phew!
I popped some advil and I'm gettin ready for bed. I hoping the leg stroke stays away so I'm not in the living room at 2 am on the foam roller.

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