Thursday, July 3, 2008

80 at 8

I hemmed and hawed about doing my 8 mile 10x100 run tonight. It was very hot and humid today. Flying in on the red eye didn't help things. When my sleep pattern is messed up like that, it makes me mental state, well, mental. It's really not good for me. I did come home and sleep for a few hours than late this after noon I took another nap. 
I decided to go. It was about 7:45 when I left and it was 82 degrees. 
I'm glad I did. I felt great. The humidity had died down a little bit. I ran really well. Since it's a holiday weekend, not too many people out in the park. I think I got sweat in my shuffle, it shorted out on me with less than 2  miles to go.
Yesterday, I did a recovery run in Mt Tabor park while still in Portland. It's hard to run easy when you're running up a mountain. 
I love portland. I love the running there. Have I mentioned that?

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