Saturday, July 5, 2008


I did not sleep well last night. I'm still a bit on west coast time and I got sucked into the Olympic track trials which didn't start til 11pm.  Then I just had trouble sleeping. I wanted to get out early for my 15 mile run. That didn't happen. It was almost 10 when I got out the door. Normally the long run is on Sunday though today's weather was calling to be cooler than tomorrow. Long runs in the summer, I'll take cooler days when I can get them.
The other night on my 8 mile run, I think I fried my ipod. It was hot and humid and I sweat a lot. I think sweat got into the little connector and now it's not working at all. My computer doesn't see it. I think it's dead. It lasted a year and a half of really hard use. So now I'm debating getting a refurbished one of just doing what I did today...running with Loren's first generation nano, which compared to today's ipods is huge. I can go with out, I just like listening to podcasts when I run long, it really helps the time go by.
By mile 11 it started raining. It felt great. It was only about 70 degrees out, but really humid so this helped. Too bad I had already chaffed all over my chest. I started using sports shield instead of body glide and I like it much more, though when I'm soaked there's not much I can do about it.
Now the rest of the day is all about laying around and watching cycling, baseball, track, and whatever ever else I can find on the boob. I really dont feel like doing anything else.

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