Saturday, December 13, 2008

I need a finish line

So much for my resting...
Every year, my team does an in house competition, based on how NYRR does it's team points competition, but based on age. I've won twice and this year was like, eh, whatever.
Then the latest result were out and I was in the lead, but barely. Then I started to care. So I raced today to hopefully hold off the competition. I wasn't really planning on racing until I saw how close it was. Next week I was planning on doing the 15k (still am!).
Long story longer, I ran a 4 miler this morning. It was COLD. It was also the best 4 miler I've run all year. Granted all of my running time has been devoted to the marathon not this short distance stuff. I ran 31:41, 7:55 pace. I'm happy about this for a few reasons:
1. I haven't run sub 8 pace since about March in a race.
2. I get to stay seeded sub 8 pace with NYRR for now. I am, however. planning on running faster in the spring!
Since rumor has it I will jump back into marathon training fairly soon oh and yea, I'm doing a 15k next week, I wanted a few extra miles. After the race, I met up with Loren and ran 4 more. I'm not sure I've run that much since NY.
Even though it was cold, I felt really good. Which is good, need to get use to this cold!

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