Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well today was the last team points race for the year,the Joe Kleinerman 10K. This race usually has a big turn out since it's the last teams points race and a double points race to boot. Not to mention people are trying to get their required races in for the NYC marathon.
Last year, I ran this race really well, pacing a team mate and PRing in the process. This year...not so much. Coming off of 2 weeks of sitting off my ass and still being jet lagged, I didn't have a whole lot of expectations. I ran a 51:10 and I ran pretty consistently. I'm happy with that. It's good to know I can phone it in and still run fairly well.
And the team did awesome. The men's and women's open teams both placed 8th, the first time the women broke the top 10 all year. Our master's teams were both 6th. Men over 50 7th and men over 60, 2nd (all posting faster times than me! Do not mess with our older guys!). So great running everyone!
I think tomorrow I will be stiff. Not sore, but certainly feeling it.

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Girl In Motion said...

Yay you! Incredible how strong a soul you are to race a 10K after two weeks off. But then, you proved that with your double marathon silliness, so why am I surprised?

Here's to a winter of more training, racing and fun.