Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice ice baby

When I woke up this morning, there were big, fluffy flake of snow falling from the sky. Before long, it turned to rain turning all of yesterday and last night's snow into a big big mess.
I hate running on the treadmill, esp. since it takes just as long to get to the gym on the bus as it would for me to run there.
Loren and I decided to go to the movies early in the afternoon. We went and saw Milk (which I believe should be required watching for everyone in this country). Since we went near the bottom of Central Park, I decided I'd run home. I figured the park would be clear, they're usually really good about that.
When we came out of the movie, the sun was out and it had totally cleared up.
I had a great 4 mile run. It was clear out, not too cold, and the park was full of people walking,  running, sliding down the hills of snow on just about everything you can imagine.  I saw another Front Runner out there as well, we high fived as we passed each other. The only real downside was lots of black ice. It was a bit slick.
Winter running so far hasn't been that bad.


Girl In Motion said...

Sounds like a fantastic run on a gorgeous day. Clever to make it part of getting home, too.

DogPound said...

I figured it might be the only way I'd get out there!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Yeah, it's not the cold or snow, but that damn ice that'll put you in traction with one bad step. Glad you got out there after all!