Wednesday, October 29, 2008

standing on the edge of it in a cool thick sweat

Another chilly night.
I ran a short 5 with a team mate who wanted to run the last few miles of the course. I pointed out where are team is at mile 24, the 25 mile marker, where the ONE MILE TO GO sign is, explained how the slight incline on 59th street will feel like a mountain since it's the last mile.
Truth is, I love this race.  I always have. I've never run it well and I dont really care.
The NYC Marathon is so different for NYers. If I were an outa towner, I dont think I'd like it very much. But I sleep at home, run, then go home. I see all my running friends. The whole weekend is one big crazy running party, even when I dont run.

But that's enough about that, I have to go watch the Phillies, my childhood love, win the World Series.


Anonymous said...

About to hop on the 'plane

beyond excited - as a non New Yorker my view is - why would one put yourself thru this - if not for NYC!!!

Hope you run

Girl In Motion said...

Rooting for you girl, big time!! Sounds like a blast from start to finish (except for the hard running part). Can't wait to hear all the details! Have a good, peaceful last few days, and just think, after this, you can be lazy again!! What a concept. :-)

Michael said...

Good luck Sunday! Have an easy run!