Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My life will be forever Autumn

When I ran on Sat, I nearly stripped down to my bra is was so humid and nasty.
Today is a whole new nasty. It's 40 out and feels like 25. It's raining and it's really windy. 
I went and ran 4 miles. It's that kind of day, the park is empty except for dog walkers and a few of us trying to dodge the next downpour.
I've been in the house all day and just needed to get out. I wore tights and a jacket, first time since I'd guess March or April. 
I ran easy though my HR rate seemed higher than it should have been for the effort, I'm guessing it's the weather.
My plan for this week was to follow the last week of Pfitz, race week. I'm going to modify it a bit and cut the miles a little. I ran 4 instead of 6 today. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal day which should be 7 with 2 at marathon pace. I dont even know what my MP will be. I might do 5-6 with 2 faster miles. It should be nicer out tomorrow. I'm also  seeing PT Pete. I'm looking forward to that, I haven't seen him since before Steamtown and my ankle's been a little stiff.
And now for a bath, of the warm variety. I think the only ice bath I'll be taking for the rest of the year will be Sunday afternoon.

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