Friday, October 3, 2008

Let me go crazy on you.

First, the run. Easy recovery, 5 miles with 6x100.

Now, taper madness. It's here. At some point last night, the crazies crawled into my head big time. I blame the debate. I suddenly started thinking: I dont need to do this. In fact, I dont want to do this. Let's call the whole things off. Yea, I've trained for 18 weeks and gotten myself in good shape. So what? I dont feel like racing. I dont even LIKE Boston (ok, that part holds the most truth. I really dont like Boston). I guess this is typical. Honestly, I dont know why I keep running marathons.
When I did my first one in 1999, I thought, ok, I'll get this outa the way.
I've done one every year since*
*(I didn't finish last years, but I got one in within the first week of this year).
Anyway, I am trying to ignore the taper gremlins. 
So here's what I do during taper madness:
• Check the forcast
•Check it again
• talk to it and tell it what I really want
• review splits from last marathon
•promise self not to go out too fast.
•look at others splits, see they went out to fast
•promise self not to go out too fast.
•remember if I think I'm starting too slow, chances are I'm starting too fast
•wonder why the hell I picked this race
•over all freak out over everything.

So tomorrow is my last long run, I'm doing Grete's Great Gallop in Central Park, a half marathon, as a long run. Good thing too, I have never run this race well so being intentionally slow, I'll keep with tradition.
And now time to hit the showers.

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