Friday, October 10, 2008

Running to stand still

Well...18 weeks. 
All my running, save a couple of slow nerve calming ones in the AM, is done. I went out and did 5 this morning with a few striders. My heart rate was a bit high, but I think that's nerves and caffine.
I look back and can not believe race day is almost here. I'm very excited. I keep telling myself to go out slow, relax, run smart, I'm ready for this, all that self affirming crap. 
I just have to get through the next few days!
Think of me Sunday morning, and thanks to everyone for your support.


vegheadjones said...

Best of luck! You definitely trained well for this race and overcame some injuries well (which only makes you stronger)

I just realized a couple weeks ago that I am your downstairs neighbor (apartment A1) Heh, I was reading your blog for a few months and it never occurred to me (Guess I'm slow)...

DogPound said...

that is too funny, I saw you on the RW forums and thought, that guy looks really familiar!