Friday, May 23, 2008

XC and a little swim

Last night kicked off VCTC's summer cross country series. 5k though the hilly trail of Van Cortlandt park in the Bronx. I really love running up there, I've been doing this series for years.
Usually the same people, I can gauge myself pretty well by who's around me. Pretty low turn out last night, I'm surprised. Women's winning time was just over 23 minutes, which is not very fast for a 5k. I feel like I ran a smart race, didn't go out to fast, let my main rival pace me into the woods. The course is funny if you go and look at it. It's about just under a mile of flat grass then goes on to a path in the woods where all the hills are. So if you're watching, you don't see the hill running. I always tell people we go into the woods to suffer. Then it spits you back out onto the flat for about the last, oh, 600 meters. I can get a good kick going there. So my VCTC rival (who I'm friendly with) paced me into the woods, then I left her. We'll go back and forth with this all summer. I finished 25:39 (8:16 pace) Not great, but not bad for a first time out this year. Took 3rd in my age group.

This morning, I got up with the sun and swam. 1700 meters. The pool I go to is 50 meters in the AM and adult lap swim only. It's so nice. the 50m makes a big difference and people up that early aren't messing around. This will be my last swim for a few days, I'm getting tattooed this afternoon and wont be able to get into the water til it's healed.

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