Monday, May 26, 2008

In't FR games

In short, the international front runner games is a gathering of folks from different Front Runner teams. My club hosted this year. I'll spare you all the drama of what that entailed. So we had 2 cross country meets in Van Cortlandt park. A 5k followed by a 5 miler. Both are pretty hilly, the 5 miler is a the 5k course with a very nasty hill thrown in towards the end. I had decided to do both races because I love to run there and I wanted to get the miles in.
This may not have been such a good idea. I got 3 hours of tattoo work on Fri. The race started at noon and by then it felt like 80. I didn't run that well. Seems to be a recent theme with me.
5k I did in 27:08, 8:47 pace. (this is a slightly different course than I ran on Thurs.)There were not a lot of women there, I took 3rd over all. Loren won in 21:39 or there abouts. I'm really happy about that. She's been working really hard coming on an injury and ran better than I thought she would. I ran the 5 miler, didn't race it. 46:29, 9:18 pace. Again 3rd, which I thought was funny. Rachel ran both as well and took 2nd in both.
I'm still having this naggin inner calf pain, I'm going to start PT soon to try and get all the kinks out before marathon training starts.

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