Saturday, October 3, 2009

Everything is Everything

Ok, so a few things:
I should not even be posting this. I should be in Africa, jetlagged out of my mind, trying to figure out where I am and what day it is.
I'm not. There was a problem with the bikes and customs so the trip got put off, for Loren and I, possible canceled.
So here I am.
Another thing, today is the anniversary of this. Warning, if you click that, you will read about poop and people who poop themselves while running and continue to run.
I am not that person.
So yes, since I am here and since Grete's is always a friggin points race and since I never run it well, I ran it. (note to Flo, I did not RACE it).
It was an awful 65 degrees with 95% humidity. I had no intentions of racing it, I was treating it like my long run. I did 1.5 miles before hand to warm up.
Long run it is! I felt fine til, oh mile 3. Seriously, I phoned in the entire run finishing in 1:56:21. 8:52 pace, which is just dandy for a long run. But boy did it SUCK. And poopy pants (sans poop this year) passed me at mile 11.5.
Ok, ok, I should let it go. The woman is 76 years old and I can only hope and dream I am running like at in 40 years.
Oh my god, she's a lot older than I am!
Now for my dark cloud that I alluded when last I graced you with my wit:
I am seriously thinking of not running NYC.
I will now pause for dramatic purposes.
Everyone digest that?
My foot hurts. It hurts after I run. It's been hurting WHEN I run. I haven't run a week with more than 40 miles since July. While I'm getting quality workouts in and have had some good solid races (a great PR in Philly a few weeks ago) I'm not running the way I want to be running. I dont want to limp to the starting line just to finish this time. If I run, I want to run well. I want to be able to run with RayK so she can come to Boston. I dont wanna be out there in pain waiting to see my peeps at mile 24 and hoping I get to Tavern on the Green.
This is not an easy decision for me to make, though for anyone who is capable of making a sensible decision it should be (um, that would NOT be me. Remember when I ran it 3 weeks after Steamtown last year? Yea, hi.) So no doubt I will wrestle with this a while longer but that's what I'm thinking.
I want to start training for Boston healthy which means maybe really cutting back for the next month or so.
In the mean time, I'll be over here mourning my NYC marathon.
Please send cake.

In GOOD NEWS, a few shout outs:
1. Janice-way to finally get under 2 hours and PR today.
2. Anthony, same to you, great PR
3. Hikergirl 3:28:49 in St George...REALLY? Please pull me along in Beantown in April. Girl, you KILLED IT.


Anonymous said...

Oh, suck. I hope your foot heals up and your Africa trip happens and you can run NY - but if you can't, you can't, and it is a smarter decision to make the call based on your stupid foot than on what you want to do. Good luck.

Girl In Motion said...

PHILLY!!! I mean, this is truly crap news about NYC, but why not make the most of it and join your girls in the city of brotherly love (or Sisterly love, depending on who you hang with). I'm trying to talk Kat into it to because her Steamtown plans look crushed as well and she was going to come cheer, as were you, so...

Glad to hear you reigned yourself in today and only ran it. It was awful outside, I actually thought to myself how so glad I was that it wasn't quality run day.


DogPound said...

aw....Philly's SOLD OUT. But I am going to come and cheer anyway. I think it's best to just go on the shelf, I wanna run Boston well! But we'll see.

Lady said...

OMG on the shit lady - i think i saw her in the marathon last year ... shoulder length blondish hair, not young... shit running down her legs - ohmy

BarbBQ said...

That's a whole lot of suckage. But it's temporary suckage, which has to count for something. I vote for being healthy for Boston - bag NY because you can do it any year you want to (damn you).

And serious mental HTFU points for your letting Ms. Poopy pants pass you - that can't be easy.

I'm so so seriously envious of the Philly FE - I'm going to have to do some simultaneous drinking to celebrate along with y'all long-distance!

L.A. Runner said...

I'm so sad about your trip. I know that's something you guys have been looking foward to for awhile now. I hope you get that PF thing under control. I wouldn't throw away all hopes of racing, yet. Keep doing what you're doing. There's a great race this weekend, I know of... free rooming, too! *cough, cough*

Mir said...

This is a very poopy post! I'm sorry everything is sucking. I hope the Africa trip still works out--but you're absolutely right, you don't want to train for Boston when you're hurt. I hope things get better...keeping my fingers crossed that your foot behaves.