Sunday, October 25, 2009

no parking on the dance floor

After another 4 mile run this week (the run itself was GREAT) followed by a sore foot, I put myself back on the shelf. At least another week of no running and more anti inflammatories. I am thinking of actually not running for 2 weeks. This way, all my running pals are tapering for NYC this weekend and then will be having an easy/off week the following week. Then we can all start up again together. We'll see. John did tell me if there's still pain after this go round, back to the Dr.
Since there's no running right now, I have been on my bike more. With high running milage, I tend to ride around less. Like less city riding. So now, more city riding. I actually really like that and since I ride a fixed gear around town, my pedal stroke gets smooth and it's like adding cycling strength without a whole lot of work.
Today Loren and I hopped on the road bikes and did the 26 mile River Road loop. It was a beautiful day. All the leaves are changing out there and I just felt really really good.
So I'm trying to turn a negative about the running into a cycling positive.


Girl In Motion said...

Hey, that's pretty smart about your reasoning with taking 2 weeks off. Clever to be able to rejoin your pals as they recover, I like it! Yay on the bike ride, good to see you're keeping your fitness up, girl, and enjoying it too.

L.A. Runner said...

Ugh, stupid PF. Keep on riding that bicycle. The good thing is that you have Loren and friends to ride with you. Way to look on the bright side of things.

Elizabeth said...

That sucks about having to take more time off, but it's best to just deal with this now, get it over with, and then not have something nagging at you. It's great you have cycling (and a cycling partner) to do instead!

BarbBQ said...

Great attitude, Dog. I envy you your fall color - I'm sure you remember what a non-event fall is in this part of Ca.