Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I want to tell you something you've known all along

Let see....running yet? Nope. Day what? hhmmmm, like 10 or something. I think the last time I took a break so long it was when I was in Africa last year. Dr told me not to run while on the drugs so I'm sticking to that. It's making me a little nuts. The upside, my foot is feeling better.
In the world of working out, Loren and I went for a nice 26 mile ride on Sunday. For those in the know, we did River Road. It was sorta like doing a tempo run. There's a very long hill at the end of River Road. My goal was to stay on Loren's wheel, which I did. My heart rate got up to a lovely 186 (my max is 200) so in running like terms, like a speed workout. Once we got out on the road back to the GWB, we pacelined each taking a minute at the front. It felt really good.
But ya know what, it's not running. On my quest to Boston I stopped my multisport self and turned into a pure runner for a few years. While I am looking forward to going back to triathlons next year, I still have a mostly running itch. I'm guessing that comes from not being able to run.
I'm going to do a short run on Thurs morning before PT. PT Pete is out with his new baby and the rest of his family for the month of Oct. so I've been seeing his counterpart, John twice a week. I feel like it's really coming along.
NY is totally doubtful, I've all but officially canceled which is fine.
This past weekend was the busiest weekend of marathoning I've done without actually running. I headed out to Hartford to watch my online pal Rebecca PR with a 3:06. Another online pal Kris also smoked the course in a jaw dropping 2:42.
Sunday, I lazily laid in bed and followed the Chicago marathon action online (after spending Sat night watching the Ironman worlds online). Congrats to everyone who ran! And a big shout out to Kieran taking home a 2:57 PR and Dave who will be COMING TO BOSTON!


BarbBQ said...

It's impressive that you got your HR so high on the bike. Since I started running, I've found it hard to feel like I'm getting a good workout when I write my bike. But then again, I've always been a utility rider, so I'm always on the flats around town, and having to stop at traffic lights every few minutes, etc. I've become totally spoiled with the calorie burn that running gives me.

Enough about me, though :wink: I'm glad the rest (not to mention the drugs) are helping the foot. If you're not running NYM, you can slowly build your miles back up and be totally healthy when you start your Boston training! What plan are you thinking of following for Boston?

Girl In Motion said...

Aw, my sweet, I'm feeling so bad for you about NYC. Great ride though, man, that was a serious one! Lol on thinking you're mostly a runner because you can't run. You're mostly a runner because you've gotten really good at it! I'll be sad when you to back to Tri's, it seems like a different camp. But I'll still be your biggest fan (next to Loren, of course).

Feel better girl, glad to hear the foot is responding well to rest. Hugs.

DogPound said...

Barb, I'm thinking at looking at Hudson again. I liked how it was going before everything went wonkie. I'm thinking of a test run on a shorter race.

Oh GIM even when I go back to tris, I'll still be around. I still see myself doing at least one marathon a year.

Elizabeth said...

Great job with that bike ride! Sounds like it was a fun way to maintain your fitness. I am sorry that you are going to bow out of NYC- I really relate to you on that one. All your running buddies are so lucky to have you cheering for them-- I know that seeing you in NJ was the highlight of my entire race.