Friday, July 31, 2009

What's going on

OK, in the last 24 hours I have done so many things wrong. Of course they dont seem wrong while I'm doing them, only partially maybe midway and totally wrong in hindsight.
I took 2 days off of running as per PT Pete. I think the last time I took 2 days off was right after the NJ marathon. I was surprised by how crazy it made me. 
Last night, I trekked to the Bronx to run cross country. There's one more race in the summer series that I'm going to miss so I wanted to do this one. It was hot, but luckily the humidity was low. I warmed up for 2 miles with Claudia. Everything felt fine. I had no real goal for the race. So we lined up and off we went. I think I may have taken the flats a little fast. Again. I felt mostly sorta ok. A few women passed me, I passed a few, I went back and forth with one girl the whole way and got her for good on the last flat half mile. I also managed to hold off 2 girls right at the line. I knew they were close because some kids kept running in front of us and I could hear her yell WATCH OUT so I kicked it up for like the last 10 feet to keep them from passing me. 23:54. Not bad for a hilly course and 80 degree weather. I then did a mile cool down.
Then, I started getting horrible horrible ladytime cramps. I was a mess. This sometimes happens after a hard run though it hasn't in a long time. I waited for my gang of folks, claudia was running with Hilary who is rehabbing a stress fracture and got on the train. I was soaked. All the bathrooms in the park were closed so in my own special klassy way, I changed out of my shorts on the subway.  While I am known for just changing my shirt in public after races (it's legal for women to be topless in the state of New York. A law I love) I think dropping trau on the train might have been a first for me.
I shuffled home, still feeling like crap but well enough to get a half galloon of ice cream on the way. I got home, put myself in the shower and just laid there. I felt terrible. And I hadn't seen Loren all week and she was finally home. I downed a few advil and laid on the bed. Ice cream ended up being my dinner.
So with all this, why did I think it would be a good idea to get up and run 10 miles this morning? Well, it wasn't a good idea. Loren and I got up a little after 6. It certainly had cooled off over night with some rain and we were out the door by 7. My foot was on fire before we left, which is pretty common for first thing in the AM. Loren was doing 4 so left me a little after 2.5. I trudged on hoping I'd warm up enough so my foot wouldn't hurt. It usually does warm up. Not so much today. Then thunder. Then pouring rain. That actually may have been the best part of the whole run. I decided to cut it to 8 and the only reason I didn't cut it more was 8 would get me home. I felt terrible. All the things pointing to why this is not a good idea came up in my mind, too little too late. Oh well. I got home in time to see Loren leaving for work. I put myself in and ice bath then rolled by foot on a frozen water bottle for a few minutes shy of forever.
I feel better now. I'm seeing Pete and 1 and think I will feel even better then.


L.A. Runner said...

OKay, before I read the rest of this post, I have a burning question- DID YOU TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS ON THE SUBWAY? WERE YOU WEARING PANTIES (not that that's any better)? Please tell me you were in the bathroom on the subway or something. Hhhm, I don't think there's bathrooms on subways, are there? Okay, that was like 3 questions, but I really need to know these things...

DogPound said...

Ya know, I posted that just for you because I SO WANT you to come to NYC.
No, I took my nasty ass running short off on the subway and I wasn't wearing anything else. Not to worry, I was so smooth no one noticed. THough this is NY even if I wasn't smooth, no one would care.

L.A. Runner said...

Alright, now that I have absorbed that information, I can really laugh about it! I have been to NYC once, but I don't recall anyone getting nekkid on the subway. I do know a little trick where I can completely change a shirt w/o even lifting it up.

On to the other stuff- I hope PT guy can work on the foot soreness. I'm also impressed that you ran such a great race despite the cramps. Way to go!

Ps. I hope you're still considering Hartford Half!

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