Sunday, July 26, 2009

This one goes out to the one I love, this one goes out to the one I left behind.

This week felt tough for me, not sure why. Maybe too much intensity in a short period of time.  Last sat I had that tough 4 miler in the heat, followed by a (slow) 16.5 mile run the next day. I took Monday off, did hills on Tues, had a progression run on Wed that was suppose to be 10 that I cut to 7 due to heat and humidity that made me want to throw up.  Thurs was a totally different day. Lots of rain and it really cooled off. I had a nice run with Loren and Bea in the rain. Fri I did a pretty good 10. Most of my problem through the week was this stupid PF that's come back stronger than ever. It almost never hurts when I run, it's the more usual once I wake up and after I run. I did some research and found some new stretches I'm trying out. My usual routine just isn't doing the trick. After 3 days, this already seems to be helping.
Today's workout: 12 miles, with 10 at MP +10/20 seconds. Right now, I'm basing my MP on the Brooklyn half I ran a few months ago. I ran a 1:43 which gives me a 3:38 marathon, 8:21 pace. Today's forcast: High chance of hell covered in wet blanket. I wanted to get and early start as to not suffer too much. The NYC Tri was also happening in Central Park so I got to have my own duathlon: work out+cheer for team mates. Loren came with me and ran 8, which is great, since she's going to do the Philly Distance Run with me this fall (hi!). Over all, my workout portion, I averaged 8:36 pace and never felt too horrible. Every part of me was soaked when I was done.  My legs felt the best they've felt all week. I took yesterday off and I think that helped. 
In other news NOT ABOUT ME (oh my god, can you imagine?) My training pal and neighbor across the street and frequent guest here at movingdogward enterprises RayK ran the SF Marathon today. After running NJ on May 3rd and posting a HUGE PR, she out did herself today running a 3:42:54, taking another 10 minutes off her time. Rachel, you're moving ever closer to that BQ. I see it coming in NYC. I leave you with me and RayK running in NJ.


Girl In Motion said...

How fun that you finally coerced Loren into running PDR! What's the world coming to? ;-) Sorry your PF is bothering, hope the stretches do the trick.

That's fun that you've announced your goal and I can there's room for adjusting it downwards, seeing as how your half was a few months ago and you've been running/racing steadily since. Looking forward to following your adventures.

DogPound said...

Yea, and the half was something dumb like 27 days after the NJ Marathon so I think there's some wiggle room there. (I can hear hikergirl slowly chanting 3:35)

L.A. Runner said...

Wow! Great job on the recent workouts! You had a lot of key stuff in there. You were smart to take a day or two off, with all that intensity. Sorry the PF is giving you fits. Hopefully, if you continue the stetches, you will have it under control.