Friday, July 3, 2009

The ants go marching 2 by 2

Last night a gaggle of Front Runners headed up to the Bronx for Van Cortlandt Track Club's annual Thursday before the 4th of July 2x2 relay. Teams of 2, each person runs 2 miles, including Cemetery Hill. This is a fun event and FRNY made up about a third of the field and took home about 10 AG awards.
Before the race, I ran up to the park. It's a lovely run. I go straight up Broadway. Broadway this far uptown is hilly. It rolls up and down for the 5 miles it takes to get to the Broadway Bridge that goes over into the Bronx. I ran a total of 7 miles total before the race which is perfect, I need a long warm up. A few weeks ago at the Biketown Africa fundraiser, I got a hydration pack/backpack to run with. Though I didn't use the hydration part, it was perfect for carrying my spikes and my singlet along with a smaller fuel belt bottle for the 7 mile trek. When I left my house at 5:30, it was 70 degrees with 70% humidity. When I got to the Bronx, I was totally soaked.
I teamed up with Claudia who I've been running with for the better part of 10 years. This was our old school FRNY team. When I first joined, we were 2 of the only women who came around. So naturally, several of the boys just thought we were the same person. Claudia's getting over a bit of a calf strain so I knew she wasn't going to run all out. I just raced on Sunday and ran 7 miles to get here so this was all for fun.
Claudia went first. I waited with everyone else for the hand offs and watched all the boys fly by. She came through in 15:20. Not bad for nursing an injury. I'm glad I went 2nd so I wouldn't be tempted to go out too fast on the flats, which I did last time I ran up here. I stayed steady and looked to the people in front of me and planned on picking off 4 of them before entering the woods, which I did. Once on the cowpath, we start to go up slightly then there's a somewhat sharp left and the hill starts. Once I was going up I could see the people behind me who have yet to make the turn. I could see Rachel. I was pretty sure she was going to catch me at some point. Up up up the hill to the steepest part which goes about 100 feet in 300 yards. The nice thing, however, is it then just drops. It can be a tricky decent if you dont like to run down hill. Me, I LOVE to run down hill so I just fly. Tricky about this as well is you fly down hill then you have to make a left turn while doing it. It's at this point, I see Loren with Bea. Loren says something, I have no idea what and her and the dog start running with me. That little doggie has some wheels!  
Once back on the flats, Loren said to me "you're going to have to work hard if you want to hold her off" I knew Rachel was coming and that was fine. She passed me early on the last flat section of the course. There's a long straight away that leads to the end and feels, like most finishes do, endless. Wouldn't you know, that doggie was still running after me? Loren said once she saw me she wouldn't stop. 
I cross the line in 14:48. Eh, not too bad for running through the humidity of a swamp.
Rachel wasn't far ahead of me. 
Claudia and I took 2nd in the 70-95 age group (they add your ages together, how they come up with this particular age group is anyone's guess), Rachel and Sandi were first. Our total time was 30:22. The age group prized are muffins and FRNY took home a bakery full. 
We all cooled down together and several other people joined. It was like a group of 50 ducklings running along after the race, Bea included.
10 miles for the day, not bad.

Oh I dont think I mentioned I went for my first bike ride for the sake of riding my bike last week. I actually had a really good time. I think I might do it again today. I'm planning on doing a long run tomorrow so I should have about 40 miles for the week, building up nicely for my NY marathon training cycle.

Also, my beloved Garmin has died.  This is apparently not uncommon (which sucks) but they will replace it for me for $80 which is better than having to buy a new one since I am now addicted to having it. 


Anonymous said...

How many miles do you intend to do in a "big" week for your NYC-Marathon training (based on 40 miles as a base)
I was reviewing the "intermediate" pgms proposed by NYC and also Yasso (in latest Runner's world mag) and both peak at around 45 miles / week
Have a great weekend

DogPound said...

For NJ, I peaked at 60. This time around I think I'll go between 65-70.

Glorybelle said...

That sounds like a very fun race! And it's so cool that you ran with your huge team. Good job on taking home all those muffins!

Elizabeth said...

That's a great time! Especially given that humidity. You have gotten SO SPEEDY over the past year! Sorry about the death of your Garmin. . . I am now addicted as well.

L.A. Runner said...

Food award- that's my kind of prize!!!!!! Your race sounds SUPER fun and you did awesome. I will have to call you out on one tiny detail, though... "swamp humidity"????? Come visit your southern friend. Then we'll talk about some swamp humidity. LOL. Your improvements haven't even been slowed by the higher temps, either! AMAZING!!!!

DogPound said...

oh LA, you couldn't pay me to run down where you are! I dont know how you do it all summer.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's a lot of mileage. Based on my last years once i start hitting more than 40 for a few weeks i am pretty tired - also my 47 year old body starts getting more than the usual number of niggles. I guess i am going to follow the Yasso intermediate pgm and make sure the speedwork is done properly (new for me)
Hope your training is fantastic

TiredMamaRunning said...

Sucks about the Garmin, but hey, nice job on the race! And food...glorious food....excellent prize.