Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Child in the City

Ok, I can't complain. I'm actually not really complaining. We've been so lucky with weather here in NYC this summer. Today was the first run where I felt like, yea, summer's here. It was 84. But the humidity was only in the 60s. While it was hot, it wasn't sauna. I went out and did a bit over 7 and picked up my race number for Sat.
My calf. I had it poked on Mon. My awesome and someone conservative running wise therapist suggested I take a few days off. So my runs the last week looked something like this:
Sat 15.5, Sun 4, Mon and Tues off. To be, 2 days is as close to a few I'm going to get. It actually felt totally fine. I'm going to see her again next week just incase.
The rest of my week so far:
Yesterday 10 with some pick ups, today the 7 already mentioned.
Tomorrow I'll do an easy 4 before the 4 mile race on Sat. I'll run down there (3 miles) to warm up and go long on Sun.
When I got back from my run, there was a little white envelope waiting for me. It was my love, my Garmin. It has returned to me. The great thing is, when I called about getting it fixed, the woman I spoke to said she wouldn't charge me since it was close to my warranty. Saved me $80!
In all honesty, the thing I missed the most about it was the GPS. I really like walking out the door knowing I have to run X miles and not having to think about where I'm gonna go. I just go til it tells me I'm done.


L.A. Runner said...

Glad the calf is feeling better AND that you didn't have to pay for Garim to be fixed. Yeah you!

Nugent said...

You know it's going to be so hot here in September and into October, the weather just seems to be off by a month or two after all the rain we had in June too.

I'll be out there Saturday too!