Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ted Paszek, who is the Front Runner shutterbug, just sent me this photo of me and Loren finishing the Pride run from a few weeks ago.
And there I am, with my trademark mouth hanging open. While we're talking about me, and why wouldn't we be here in my blog, running pal Phil Wahba did a profile of me for the team newsletter.
For even more about me, and a lovely picture click here .
Now on to running. This have been going well. I got my milage up to 40 last week and am planning on going just above that this week. 
I did a speed out the other night that actually left me sore. Which is strange, I almost never get sore. It wasn't anything crazy and since my garmin has gone to the electronics recycling pile in the sky, I ran on effort.
It was an odd workout where we run a 1.2/3 mile loop with a partner running the other direction, when you meet, you then turn around. We did this 3x. Easy, medium, hard. I ran on effort and never felt like I was killing myself so I dont know why I'm sore.
I ran a recovery run yesterday with Loren and was still sore. My calf actually really hurt like I strained it.
I came home and stretched, iced, and stimmed it. Woke up feeling fine. I was thinking I would take today off...but it's SO NICE OUT. And my leg feels fine.
I think I may go out for a few miles and take advantage of lovely July weather.


Glorybelle said...

Cool write up, Audra! And great pictures. They show that you don't mess around while you race.

L.A. Runner said...

Awwww, you are too cute! I always assumed you were my age. It must be your youthful look! Also, is that a tattoo on your arm? I'm with the author, it must be something about those pigtails... Great job!

jesslover said...

i love the write up! I have been loving reading your blog and watching you kill one PR after another.

Girl In Motion said...

Fun photo, and I love the article! Keep on keeping on, missy, you're priming for a kick-ass marathon cycle.

DogPound said...

LA, yes, my arm is tattooed shoulder to elbow, funny, I dont think I have a picture of it.
GIM, I'm wearing your shorts!

TiredMamaRunning said...

You always take such good race photos (I, on the other hand, always look like someone's thumping me with a stick. :P ) Anyway...said it before on the BQ thread but that's so cool to get recognized for all the azz-kicking you've been doing this year.