Sunday, February 15, 2009

walk behind while you would run

I still dont feel great. Due to not feeling great, I did sleep like the dead last night so that's a good thing. And I am really glad I got my 18 outa the way yesterday. Weird thing, my legs are sore from that. I haven't been sore since the marathon. I didn't push hard and it's not too far for me, I did a 17 2 weeks ago. I think it's just being depleted from having this cold. I changed today from a 7 with striders to an easy 5.5. I just wanted to go out there get things moving and maybe try to sweat this thing out.
It leaves me just short of 50 miles. Oh well. I'll try not to get obsessive about my nice round numbers.
Next week is suppose to be a 54 miles week. Tomorrow I have off, Tues is an easy day. I should be all set to go by Wed.

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Girl In Motion said...

Don't worry your pretty little head about any lost mileage, Pfitzinger expects that and you had great mileage week anyway. Ah look, it's 12:36am on Wednesday, your day to be healthy. Have a great run today!