Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The hawks alight till morning

As I've mentioned earlier in the week, I have some sorta crud that has invaded my person. Common running advise about running while sick is it's above the neck it's still ok to run. My sorta moves around. I am feeling much better, it's usually the worst in the morning as I wake up hacking up some interesting things. After that, I'm pretty ok. I have a bit of a cough but it doesn't seem too serious. It's just annoying.
I wanted to swap my week around and do my 20 miler today. I changed it back to the planned 12 with the creeping crud. Yesterday I did an easy 6 which was just that, easy and pretty slow. 
Rachel and I headed out this morning, while I was very tempted to do 18 with her, I was feeling good, I played it safe and left the park at 12.
If all goes well, the rest of my week will look like this:
PT tomorrow
20 Friday
5 easy Sat
10 race on Sunday in Brooklyn. I plan on running the first 3 easy and the last 7 at tempo. Its a hilly 3 loop course so this should give me a great workout.
It seems like we were given a tease of nicer weather. Now it looks like we'll have snow and rain tonight. Friday's weather is also calling for flurries. Another long run in the wintery crap.
The bright side of this is I'm still seeing tons of hawks out in the park (in case you haven't noticed, I have a real thing for large birds). Yesterday on the easy run, I saw a HUGE HUGE red tail on the ground sitting on his lunch. It looked like he nabbed himself a squirrel. I was surprised to see him on the ground with it, they usually high tail it into a tree. As the weather changes and the trees get their nice spring coating of leaves, they will be harder to see. They've been great running companions for this horrific winter we've had.


Morrissey said...
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Morrissey said...

if the weather is crap on friday, maybe it possible to switch the PT to friday and do the long run tomorrow ;) ? Then an easy run on Sat and the 10 miler. Or just add in more miles after your 10 miler?

L.A. Runner said...

This is completely non-running related, but since you love hawks... have you read the story about the building/planning of Central Park? It's really neat the way they transplanted a lot of animals there. If you ever get a chance, it's a short piece of history you might like to read about.

DogPound said...

LA, no I havent! Thanks for the suggestion.